Become one!

1. What does an ambassador do?
- Tells his/her followers actively about the Weartro Brand and its products.
- puts Weartro in front of a bigger audience by doing things like:
- putting a link to our shop in the social media bio
- creating instagram stories
- reposting photos, tagging @Weartro
- telling friends and family

- Always mention the discount code which was given to the Ambassador for his/her followers


2. What will the ambassador get?
When accepted, the ambassador will be given 2 discount codes:
- 1 to share with his/her followers (10%)
- 1 unique personal, one time use (20%)

We will track every sale made with the follower-discount code. Once the ambassador hits 4 sales, we will contact you and you will get to choose any item for the shop for FREE (+ Free Shipping).

 Note: It's not only about Instagram, even though that's where we are most active. Share your code where ever you want and with who ever you like! Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & Co.


3. How to apply:

Send us an Instagram Direct Message (@weartro) by telling us a little bit about yourself. it is important, that you only apply if you plan on being an active ambassador.

If we think you fit to our brand, we will send you your 2 discount codes as soon as possible so you can start promoting immediately :)

****** Ambassador FAQ ******

Who will tell me if someone used my code?

We will tell you, once you hit 4 sales. You can still message us anytime and we will tell you how often your code was used. 


Nobody uses my code? What do I do wrong?

Maybe it's because you don't get your code out there enough. Act like a real instagram influencer by promoting your code in connection to our website link ( People who think about, then should remind themselves of your code and use it when they make a purchase.

What we found out works best, is when you wear our products in your instagram photos and talk a little bit about them and your discount code in the caption. Another good strategy is, putting product photos in your Instagram Story, the link to our shop into your bio.


I want to create a Weartro story highlight where I promote/showcase your products, but I need your Logo for that.

Feel free to use our Logo:



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